Call for Committee Members

The Student Government is looking for greater student involvement this semester. If you care about our college and making it a better place, we encourage you to volunteer forany of the committees listed below. The committee applicants will be sorted by RC and Class and then randomly selected. Each student will only be selected for one committee each, with the exception of the Constitution Review Committee. To apply, please fill out this form.

ACADEMICS: While the roles have yet to be determined, the Academics committee is looking to recruit 6 students who will be expected to meet once a week.

COMMUNITY LIVING: The Community Living committee is looking for 9 members concerned with students’ well being on campus to meet with the government once a week. Among other things, the Community Living Committee has worked on gender neutral housing, summer storage options and guest policies, as well as starting a conversation about community values at Yale-NUS. We look forward to continuing this work and hope that you will join us in doing so.

DOUBLE DEGREE PROGRAM (DDP): The DDP committee is created to ensure that DDP students have adequate representation in the student government. The four representatives to the student government will be elected by the DDP students from each class.

EVENTS: The Events committee is looking for students to help in managing government events on an ad-hoc basis. Roles and responsibilities will vary based on the event but would include setting up the venue on the event day and assisting the government in procuring refreshments, IT equipment, and other materials needed for the event.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: The Government Affairs committee is looking for 6 Public Representatives, who will:
1. Scrutinise Government activities, call out discrepancies and inconsistencies
2. Act as check and balance, devil’s advocate
3. Be familiar with Constitution and help in its enforcement
4. Submit regular public reports on the Government for the student body. An example report can be found here:…/0B-Qe_sZvzjx1RDdVdlFXeF9RN…/view…

IDENTITY: The committee on Yale-NUS College Identity is looking for three students who are extremely passionate in shaping the institutional identity of the entire college. This includes how the college is portrayed in general and more specifically the nuances of our relationships with both Yale and NUS, and how we as students represent the college in our outside endeavours. The commitment includes a few meetings each month with senior administrators and student government members to discuss what steps must be taken in the short run and long run to develop Yale-NUS identity.

STUDENT ORGANISATIONS: The committee will comprise of 2 Student Government members, 2 DOS staff, and 3 students, who will meet 2-4 times a month. Student Organisations committee members will :
1. Review existing applications for student organisations,
2. Update a listing of active student organisations,
3. Handle feedback from or regarding student organisations,
4. Make recommendations or raise substantial concerns to the Student Government.
More information can be found here:

CONSTITUTION REVIEW: The Student Government is starting its first ever full review of the Constitution, following its ratification last year. As such, we are calling for students to actively participate in the review process. This will involve re-looking and possibly removing, rewriting and adding articles of the Constitution. The government is looking for around 12 members for this committee who shall be expected to meet once a week.

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