How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS’s guest policy?

How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS's guest policy?
  • I am satisfied
  • It's too strict
  • It's too lenient

Yale-NUS’s current guest policy states that:

“Common sense and common courtesy apply when having guests visit the campus or student residences, whether the guests are Yale-NUS students or not. Students may have guests for brief visits, including one overnight guest per room, but for no longer than a few days. Students may not have guests stay on a regular basis, i.e., every weekend. Hosts are responsible for their guest(s) and should accompany them at all times. Hosts may be held responsible for violations of the guest policy as well as any guest who violates residential or college regulations. Whenever a student has a concern about the presence of a guest in the suite, they should approach the host whom the guest is visiting to express their concerns and to seek to resolve the issues. Such matters can further be addressed by Residential Life staff, including Dean’s Fellows, Vice Rectors, and Rectors.”

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