Yale-NUS Prepares to Ratify New Student Government Constitution

After 50 hours worth of meetings, Yale-NUS College is finally ready to ratify its brand new constitution, following its a semester long review.Student Government Endorsement of the draft Constitution

During the meal times (8-10AM, 11:30AM-1:30PM, 6-8PM) on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 November students will be able to vote on whether or not Yale-NUS needs a student government and what form such a government should take. Members of the public can come to the dining hall anterooms during this time to cast their vote or contact the constitution review committee if they are unable to attend or on study abroad.

This follows the public comment period, during which students were able to submit amendments to the draft constitution. Students may view and vote on the amendments made in Student Government’s Direct Democracy Section.

Ahead of the ratification, the inaugural Student Government released an endorsement of the new constitution and the new changes it brings.

The committee also released voting guidelines ahead of the ratification and the The Yale-NUS College Student Government Constitution (Final Draft 24 November 2015).

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