Weekly Update [Week 7]: Launch of Mascot Selection, Directors’ Office Hours

Returning back to school refreshed following Spring Break, the Student Council has been hard at work getting numerous projects off the ground, as well as putting in place various internal systems and procedures.

Project Updates

The biggest update for this week comes from Student Life, which will be kickstarting the process of choosing a mascot for the school. The process began this weekend with calls for nominations opening at www.tinyurl.com/YNCMascot. Both students and faculty can submit nominations until next Sunday, 13 March, 11.59pm. Here is the full timeline of the mascot selection process:

Mascot Timeline poster

Answers to other commonly asked questions can be found here: Mascot FAQs.

In other news, Directors of the various portfolios will be holding regular Office Hours starting next week at the Saga Dining Hall. Their Office Hours schedule is as follows:

Office Hours

Finally, selections for Standing Committees (via random selection and adjusted for demographics) were conducted during the weekly meeting on Friday (4 Mar). Our Standing Committees are as follows: Standing Committee Selection Results

Summary of Weekly Meeting

In the weekly meeting on Friday (4 Mar), the Council decided on a timeline for the ratification of a college mascot by the end of the semester, AY2015-16 Sem 2. Students and faculty will be allowed to nominate mascot options and will be provided avenues to debate the mascot choice in a General Assembly and an online forum. Both students and faculty will be allowed one vote each, but only students will have a vote in the final ratification.

Director of External Communications, Joceline, will focus efforts on the website and Facebook page, while collecting feedback through an online form, office hours, and email. Directors of Student Life, Academics, Student Orgs and Budget will have weekly mealtime sessions in the Saga Dining Hall where students can give feedback in-person.

The Government is still awaiting a reply from Ambassador Chan since an invitation was sent for her to speak on campus, and has contacted EVP Tan Tai Yong for assistance in scheduling the event.

Read a more detailed account of the meeting here: Weekly Meeting Minutes (4 March 2016)

Final Thoughts

The term of this Council may be short, but we fully intend to make it an effective and productive term. To that end, we are keen to receive thoughts, concerns & feedback on all matters relevant to the school community. If you would like to speak with members of our Council on specific issues, reach out to the relevant Director during their office hours.

Member Roles

Alternatively, you can also submit your feedback via our feedback form at www.studentgov.commons.yale-nus.edu.sg/give-us-feedback, or send an email to yncstudentgov@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to submit your nominations for mascot before next Sunday, and here’s wishing everyone a great week ahead!


Joceline Yong
Director of External Communications

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