Weekly Update [Week 12]: Kingfisher ratified, Elections Committee applications still open

This week the Council successfully ratified the Kingfisher as the student choice of mascot and began to wrap up its projects for the semester.

Project Updates

From Student Life, after three days of manning ratification booths during which a total of 336 students participated in the voting process (69% of the student population), the Kingfisher gained 77.8% share of the yes and no votes, and was therefore officially ratified as the student choice of mascot. The Council will be forwarding this result to the senior administration and Governing Board for approval.


From Academics, minutes from the Council’s meeting with members of the administration (EVP Tan, Dean of Faculty Bailyn and others) last week regarding the Latin Honours Classification were published here: Minutes of Meeting with Admin on Latin Honours. Students should attend the President’s Town Hall on Academic Affairs happening on Tuesday (12 Apr), 8pm at Cendana Dining Hall to discuss any further concerns on Latin Honours.

The deadline for applying to join the Elections Committee as one of seven arbiters has been extended to 15 Apr (Fri), 5pm. Arbiters of the Elections Committee will help hold, coordinate, and facilitate the election process of the Council and President, as well as formation of the Judiciary for AY 2017/18. Arbiters may not be be a candidate in the election, and must be present and available (when school is in session) from the second week of April to the election of the President in September 2016.

Interested students may apply to join the Elections Committee as arbiters at http://goo.gl/forms/QMiZlGVd63.

Summary of Weekly Meeting

In the weekly meeting on Friday (8 Apr), the Council agreed on Scott and Isaac as conveners of the next Elections committee, and voted to extend the application deadline by a week. It also discussed students to recommend to the DOS for the student input taskforce on Graduation.

Updates were heard on CIPE feedback, working with PA on the mascot, IVPs (athletics), summer housing and a possible town hall at the start of next semester before the Council’s term ends.

Internally, with Reading Week approaching, the Council will wind up work for the semester, finishing up current projects but not initiating new ones. The Council’s last meeting will be on 22 April and focus on amendments to the Constitution.

Read a more detailed account of the meeting here: Weekly Meeting Minutes (8 Apr 2016)

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all for making it to the final week of classes for the year! Even as this academic year draws to a close, the Council would like to strongly encourage students to look forward to the next year and consider applying to join the Elections Committee. Do your part to ensure fair and well-run elections, and enable the Student Government to continue being an effective body of representation for students.


Joceline Yong
Director of External Communications

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