Weekly Update [Week 3]: Election Forum, Student Orgs Review Committee, Goodbye

This week’s update marks the last from my council and I, before we hand over to the incoming Student Council.

Project Updates

From Student Organisations, applications are open for students to join the Student Orgs Review Committee. The committee is responsible for reviewing applications from new student orgs and will meet twice – once on 5 Sep (Mon) to review and suggest amendments to submitted constitutions, and a second time on 9 Sep (Fri) to check these amendments.

Apply by 1 Sep (Thu) here: https://goo.gl/forms/dbk17EQzWaarBNxi2. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Director of Student Organisations, Izzy (isobel.ngo@u.yale-nus.edu.sg).

From the Election Committee, an Election Forum was held on 25 Aug (Thu) where the 18 candidates running for Student Council were able to outline their positions and answer questions from the college community. Videos from the forum are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQbKaTPZ8QGjeRIkFPxHsA/playlists?view=1&sort=dd&shelf_id=0

Voting for Student Council elections opens on 29 Aug (Mon) and will close on 31 Aug (Wed). Students will be able to vote on their personal computers via CANVAS, or at voting booths set up around campus. Results from the elections will be released by 2 Sep (Fri), following which the Presidential & Vice-Presidential races will begin.

Applications for the Judiciary are still open, and will remain open until 5 Sep (Mon), 11.59pm. Interested students can apply to join the Judiciary here: https://goo.gl/forms/bzLS7d2waZpEErcy1. The Judiciary is a branch of the Government that checks on the Council – it ensures the Council upholds the Constitution and settles complaints and disputes. Members will be randomly selected for the Judiciary from interested applicants, controlling for demographics. They will then elect a Chief Justice from within the group.

To stay updated on the elections timeline and to access other relevant information, do refer to the following page: http://studentgov.commons.yale-nus.edu.sg/elections-20162017-term/.

Summary of Weekly Meeting

In the weekly meeting on Friday (26 Aug), the Council discussed whether to alter the minimum vote proportion for elections, handover details and recognising student organisations. The way in which the election votes are considered were discussed, due to the danger raised by Scott that it might be too easy for candidates to enter the council.

However, there were concerns raised from other members of the council that such changes might be arbitrary, or might overly limit the number of elected candidates below the minimum of ten to form the new Council. A constitutional amendment proposal did not pass, but the format of the election quiz will ask voters to have a ‘one candidate, one unique rank’ system, and candidates which the voter does not want in council can have a ‘no vote’ option to place beside his/her name.

Also discussed was the formation of a student organisations recognition committee to be overseen by the government. This was agreed that the Director for Student Organisations will be in charge of setting up this committee to recognise student orgs come the September round.

Finally, the points of handovers were raised by the individual directors. Some helpful comments and tips would be relayed to the next council, but discretion was advised to allow the next council to chart their own direction for the coming Academic Year.

Read a more detailed account of the meeting here: Weekly Meeting Minutes (26 August 2016)

Final Thoughts

Photo taken at our first meeting on 19 February 2016

My Council and I have come a long way since we took this photo at our very first meeting together, yet at times it also feels like it was just yesterday that we came into office. When we began our term, we knew that we did not have much time to achieve the things we hoped to do, and since then it has indeed been a term of many ups and downs, unexpected challenges and successes, and lots of hard work.

To the incoming Student Council, it is our hope that we have laid a foundation solid enough for you to build an even stronger institution on, and that the Student Government will continue being an important voice and advocate for the student body in the years to come.

On behalf of the Council, a big thank you to all for your support over the course of our term. We hope that we have done justice to the faith and responsibility given to us, and it has been an honour to be your representatives in the Student Government.


Joceline Yong
Director of External Communications

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