Weekly Update 14/9: Swearing in, Vision and Halloween.

Last meeting of the Student Government saw everyone accepting their positions (barring Subhas Nair, who has resigned), the ratification of portfolio responsibilities, and planning begin for the horror of All Hallow’s Eve.



Meeting notes:

All elected members of the Student Government were sworn in, excluding Subhas, who earlier resigned his post. Portfolio responsibilities were assigned, accepted and ratified, as listed below.  Vision, expectations and other bureaucratic matters were clarified and acknowledged – check the minutes if you dearly desire to know these administrative affairs. They feature conflicts (of interest), crickets, and the Sheet of Power.


Project Updates:

Events is planning for Halloween’s Haunted House in conjunction with RC3, Artslab and l’dECO. A Select Committee was approved, and planning is in the process… may the rest be left to your imagination!

Get Involved! –

Standing Committee applications will be out soon, so if you’re interested in Student Life, Academics or Athletics, you should definitely check those out!


Final Thoughts:

Recess week is over, stugov is official, and things are happening. Please remember, through the layers of stress and excitement, that sleep and self-care are also important! Lose yourself in youtube, check out the newly-published Mocktant, or simply get off campus for awhile, but make sure to stay healthy and happy!


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Maybe life is random, but I doubt it.”

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