Oct 5 WEEKLY UPDATE: False Alarms, Mental Health and a Culture of Care.


False Alarms, Mental Health and a Culture of Care.

Last week saw the Student Council planning how to support mental health and a culture of care at Yale-NUS, investigating the reasons behind the continuously faulty fire alarm and sending out STANDING COMMITTEE APPLICATIONS.


Meeting Notes:

First job of the Wednesday meeting was to finally get our group photo out of the way! Then proceeded more bureaucracy, on financial aid, feedback, the budget and the website, which you can find explained in more detail in THE MINUTES. Of particular interest was the discussion around visibility and office hours, which should result in posters in the lifts and Student Council members available to talk in each dining hall every Thursday lunchtime. We also finalized our STATEMENT OF INTENT.



Several queries and concerns about the school infrastructure were discussed this week.

  1. Non-Yale-NUS related photography on campus:
    Infrastructure works with Public Affairs to review and approve commercial requests for photo-taking at Yale-NUS. For these events, security officers will usually be deployed. In other cases, students are advised not to approach strangers on campus, but rather to call the security hotline. An officer will be deployed to approach the group/individual.
  1. Fire Alarms and Lift Breakdowns:
    Whenever there is a technical issue with the fire alarm or lifts, Yale-NUS Infrastructure has to report these issues back to the main building contractor, Ssangyong, via NUS. This results in slower response times.
  1. Air Conditioning in the MPH:
    In order to maintain our Green Mark Certification, the MPH will not be continuously air-conditioned. However, discussion is ongoing about whether it may be during big games.

Yale-NUS Infrastructure is compiling a list of infrastructure issues on campus to be resolved over winter break, and would like to encourage all students to report any feedback/defects to infra@yale-nus.edu.sg for consolidation.

Apologies if any of these explanations seem incomplete; they are the most we can publish in a public forum. For further queries or elaboration, please contact our Infrastructure Liaison Glen Koh at glen.koh@u.yale-nus.edu.sg.


Project Updates:

For Events, planning is continuing for a terrifying Week 10 in the build up to Halloween. Prepare for scary movies, themed dinners, haunted houses and Utown wide events.  

Mascot finalization has continued with Student Life. This week,after three focus group sessions, a report with suggestions for improvements and overall impressions of the designs was sent to Public Affairs, which will be reviewed and considered before the designs are presented to the governing board for approval. Special thanks to all those involved!

The Presidents, in conjunction with Student Life, are planning for the promotion of a culture of care by spreading messages of love and compassion on campus through activities such  as welfare packs and faculty and staff appreciations. This includes the promotion of mental health awareness and workshops.


Get Involved! –

STANDING COMMITTEE APPLICATIONS are now open. If you’re interested in getting involved in the community, with Student Life, Student Organisations or Academics, definitely apply for these NOW!

There are also lots of other ways to engage with Student Government. Come to any of our office hours – in all of the dining halls, every Thursday lunchtime – or simply attend the weekly meeting, every Wednesday at 4pm in classroom 14. Then, of course, there’s our FEEDBACK FORM.


Final Thoughts:


Life is getting busy on the Student Council, and now it’s easier than ever for you to get involved through a STANDING COMMITTEE or simply attending our office hours. But even as the pace picks up, remember to take time to yourself to process. THe Student Council, and the College as a whole, is here for you; let us know if there’s anything that can be done to help.


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Couple names are smushed together, not hyphenated.”
          – Avery Simmons

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