Oct 19 WEEKLY UPDATE: Student Life, Halloween and Community Service.



Student Life, Halloween and Community Service.

This week saw a successful response to the Student Life Survey – which, if you haven’t filled out yet, you should do here, constructive discussions around mental health on campus, and progress made for Halloween.

Meeting notes:

On Wednesday, we discussed college branding. YNC, unfortunately, remains an illegitimate term, but we’re hoping to gain approval for both it and some form of college crest. We also talked about the relationship with CIPE SAC and a proposal for lunch tables with them. Internally, plans were made for the Student Council retreat at the end of term, and we revised the budget and how to improve planning and record-keeping.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Project Updates:

Within Student Life, the survey is progressing well. At last count, almost half the school had completed it. If you’re not yet one of them, please change that by filling it out here. They also coordinated a rewarding  and respectful discussion on Mental Health co-hosted by Dean Bridges. There will be another on November 16, which everyone is again welcome to attend.

The Athletics Council is in meetings with the ICG and will have a constitution by the end of November. Student Orgs, meanwhile, is training committee members and preparing to approve clubs. They’re also in in talks about encouraging community service and collating the various opportunities offered within school.

Get Involved! –

Want to help out on Halloween? Even if you don’t want to perform, we welcome help setting up, moving things around and generally helping things run smoothly! If you’re willing to lend a hand, please sign up here.



We received feedback that the room booking system is too slow. While that is unavoidable to some extent, we’re working with Dean Bridges to improve efficiency by setting an approval time. We’re also talking about the MPH air ventilation system and gym hours, although there are several logistical and bureaucratic concerns associated with both issues (please feel free to email yncstudentgov@gmail.com for more details).


Final Thoughts:

Class options for next semester are now out, and suddenly the future is relevant once more. Please make sure that you’ll enjoy yourself in it, as well as meeting academic and career goals!

All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“My religion is Beyonce.”
 – Mia Raghavan

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