Oct 19 WEEKLY UPDATE: Student Life, Infra and CIPE SAC.



Student Life, Infra and CIPE SAC.

The Student Life Survey is finally complete, with a Town Hall to discuss the results on Thursday!


Meeting notes:

In a surprising lack of bureaucracy, the main thing to report from last meeting is that these Weekly Updates will now be emailed out to everyone. For other details, and elaboration on the items described below, check the minutes.


Project Updates:

The Student Life Survey is finally closed! A report will be out Nov 1, and in our next Weekly Update! There will be a Town Hall to discuss the results on Nov 3.

Get Involved! –

Please come to the Student Life Town Hall on November 3rd!



Emails will be responded to within a day, and the issue addressed within a week, but during emergency situations the Rectors and VRs are responsible for ensuring information is disseminated. Drain flies, however, are your responsibility.



This week, we had a discussion with CIPE SAC to clarify their role. To summarize, their job is not to represent all of student opinion but to improve CIPE programs, but they are more than open to comments. Feedback is taken very seriously, with the student’s wishes and anonymity given precedence. Since they don’t have a dedicated feedback form, students are encouraged to reach out to CIPE SAC members in person at their weekly tea breaks.


Final Thoughts:

Now everyone is going through the process of course selection, we encourage you to remember that there’s more to your current and future life than academics. It’s Wellness Week – go listen to birds or stab people with pointy sticks. Most importantly, take a break and remember to relax!

All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Director of External Communication

Quote of the Week –
“We can discuss that. Not necessarily negotiate, but discuss.”
                     – Mady

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