Nov 2 WEEKLY UPDATE: SA Payments, Staff Appreciation and Town Halls.



SA Payments, Staff Appreciation and Town Halls.

This week, we clarified the Student Associate payment process with CIPE and discussed how this could become quicker over the upcoming months, and held a productive Town Hall on the Student Life Survey.

Meeting notes:

External Communication: These Weekly Updates will be emailed out every Saturday evening and posted on our Facebook page at that time. Important information (such as Town Halls) will be included in the Weekly Updates and further disseminated on the College Students and RC Facebook pages.

Stipend Implementation: for Student Council members was discussed, as detailed in the minutes. More information will be disseminated when judicial approval is obtained.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.

Project Updates:

Student Life Survey: The Student Council held a Town Hall on the survey results. The event yielded some good discussions on the survey results regarding dining, communication and health insurance, which we will continue to follow up on over the rest of our term. Good conversation was also had on other issues like the MPH and Cendana field.

Athletics: Athletics Council has been formed, and ICG planning has commenced.
Staff Appreciation: To show our gratitude, as a student body, for the help and support of the Dean of Students in a tumultuous time for the College, staff will receive gifts from Yankee Candle.


Student Associate and RFP Payments:

Student Council President Saza Faradilla talked this week with EVP Kristen Lynas and CIPE Executive Zhana about the payment process, elaborated below.

First, the timesheet is sent to CIPE, who reviews and verifies every claim. This takes up to a week, and then it is sent to the Finance Department where it is processed like an invoice. Recently, due to slight understaffing and an increase in tenders for Infra etc, a backlog formed at this point. Overall, payments will take an average of three weeks, spending one week each in CIPE, Yale-NUS finance, and NUS finance.

We have asked the finance department to prioritize SA claims going forward, putting them through first.. More new staff are also joining these departments. Subsequently, claims should be processed at a faster rate.



MPH AC: Because of the way our campus was designed, it is difficult to cool the MPH while maintaining our Green Mark Certificate. However, the school is attempting to overcome this.

Role of Infrastructure Department: Following a discussion with Dennis, the head of Infra, the Student Council will call a Town Hall to explain to the curious student body the role of this important department.


Final Thoughts:

The results of the recent Student Life Survey has given our Council a new depth of focus and direction. Thank you to everyone who filled this out, your comments are very helpful in our planning and decision making process. If there’s anything important that wasn’t covered, please don’t hesitate to let us know on our feedback form!


All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –
“Just keep your fingers on your keyboard and your eyes on your screen”
                 – Queen Saza

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