Nov 16 WEEKLY UPDATE: By-Elections, Town Halls and Important Emails.



By-Elections, Town Halls and Important Emails.

Over the past week, we reviewed and responded to the judiciary report. We have clarified that no student will be turned away from the Wellness Center, regardless of how many sessions they attend. Significant progress has also been made on gym hours and library lighting.


Meeting notes:

Wellness: The 8 sessions are meant to serve as a guideline and not a cap; no student will be turned away should they require more than 8 sessions at the Wellness Centre.

Upcoming elections: There will be by-elections for two new Student Council members at the beginning of next semester, due to Subhas Nair’s resignation at the beginning of our term, and Speaker Glen Koh’s absence due to study abroad. There will also be an internal election for a new Speaker. In the meantime, Scott Chua ‘20 has been appointed Deputy Speaker.

Other Minutes: Minutes from subcommittees and Town Halls will be available online. However, the Student Orgs subcommittee meetings will remain confidential, to prevent issues over budget allocation.

Meeting etiquette: In line with the judiciary report findings, there will be more stress laid on attendance and attention during meetings.

Constitution: A motion has passed to update Article V, Section 5.4, such that the judiciary must:

“Present three (3) public reports to the student body on the conduct of the Council, with special regard for the Council’s adherence to the stipulations of the Constitution. One report shall be released at the end of Semester 1, one mid-Semester 2, and one final, cumulative report shall be released at the end of Semester 2. Additional reports may be presented at any time should the Judiciary feel the Council’s conduct renders it necessary.”

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Project Updates:

Library lighting: A brighter library is at the top of their priority list for next semester.

Alumni library access: Based on the NUS system, alumni will have access to print texts, although digital access must be paid for.

Gym hours: Extension to 2am is possible. Thank you to everyone who completed the poll!

Athletics Council: First meeting has been held, minutes will be up on Sunday. The appreciation barbeque is scheduled for Monday.

Budget: The budget allocation for our term has been finalized.

Welfare Packs: Due to unavoidable logistics difficulties, these will be given out at the start of next semester instead of during exam week.


Dining and Infra:

Dining Town Hall: This was a fruitful discussion. Meatless Mondays will be implemented to some extent, as will meal tap donation. Varying meal tap amounts is a more tricky question. Our food is already being heavily subsidized, so everyone gets more taps than they pay for already. Changing the system so that people can pay different amounts for differing amounts of taps is difficult to within the terms of the subsidy. We also discussed food wastage and dining feedback. For more detail on this important subject, please see the minutes.

Infra Town Hall: This was a welcome discussion that explained why fire alarms and lift breakdowns are common, and addressed drain flies and recycling. Thank you to Dennis for hosting.

Contacts: For infrastructure issues, please contact For Dining related issues, please contact


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“I want to have a love match with our vendor, I do. We need a fulfilling long-term relationship.”

        – Dean Bridges

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