Nov 23 WEEKLY UPDATE: By-Election, Budget and Gym Hours.


Nov 23 WEEKLY UPDATE: By-Election, Budget and Gym Hours.

This marks the last update you’ll get from me until next semester. Over the past months, Student Council has made a lot of progress. The Student Life survey has given us a new focus, internal processes have been streamlined, and subcommittees are up and running. We continue to try to improve the bureaucratic structures and regulation, such as within athletics and student orgs. In response to feedback gained from the Town Halls, surveys, and office hours organised throughout the semester, we’ve planned several projects to be implemented in our term. These include, but are not limited to, extended gym hours; brighter library lighting; athletics appreciation; Meatless Mondays; and a meal tap donation scheme.


Meeting notes:

Arts: Sunwoo is now your liaison.
Positions : Director of Budget has been renamed Director of Finance.
Stipend Proposal: The Stipend Proposal has been discussed and repealed in consideration of concerns from several members of the student body and the Judiciary.
Subcommittee Meetings: The Student Orgs Recognition Committee has published it’s rationale behind keeping their minutes confidential. They will also be handling both approval and funding.
Budget: The Budget Resolution has been passed and forwarded to judiciary.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Project Updates:

Gym hours: Beginning next semester, the gym will likely be open all the way until 2am. There will be a log book. Please actually utilise this, as the amount of traffic will determine the success of the scheme.
Athletics Dinner: Thank you to the Dean of Students and Athletics Council for successfully organising this.
Athletics teams: Starting next sem, funding will be given out on a different matrix. A document will be out next sem describing how this works.
Retreat: Our Student Council retreat has been moved to 21st January, so our new members from the by-election can be included.
Weekly Updates: Unfortunately, you can’t opt-out from these emails till I have the full school’s email list, which will happen when I have the capacity to chase it down.
Byelection: Glen and Joceline ‘18 are co-chairing the committee. A full By-Elections Code document with more info will be disseminated on Monday.


Final Thoughts:

Our best wishes stay with you through the rest of exam week. Yale-NUS is far from easy academically, but we have faith that everyone will rise to the occasion. On a happier note, holidays are literally just around the corner! This semester has had more than its fair share of ups and downs. We hope you enjoy the chance for a break over December, and take the opportunity to reflect on the good times and the bad, to remember your friends and spent time with your family, and to prepare yourselves for the rest of the year.


All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –
“I can volunteer my private reputation.”
                 – Scott Lee Chua

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