Student Council Resignations Rationale – 2016/17 Sem 1

The Yale-NUS Student Council has 5 slots open in the by-elections. The President and Vice-President, as well as the entire Council, would like to thank each of the resignees for their service this semester.

Here is a list of the resignees, their reasons for leaving, and their temporary replacements:

Subhas Nair ’17- Resigned early in the semester

Timo Lim ’18, Director of Academics- Resigned due to personal reasons. Temporarily replaced by Shardul Sapkota ’20, Deputy Director of Academics. 

Michael Moyer ’20, Director of Logistics- Resigned due to a change in personal priorities. Responsibilities temporarily fulfilled by Saza Faradilla ’18 and Avery Simmons ’19. 

Glen Koh ’18, Speaker, Liaison to Infrastructure, Liaison to Arts & Media- Resigned due to study abroad at NYU next semester. Temporarily replaced by Deputy Speaker Scott Chua ’20, and permanently replaced by Brandon Lee ’20 as Liaison to Infrastructure and Sunwoo Nam ’20 as Liaison to Arts & Media. 

Logan Ye ’20, Backbencher- Resigned due to a change in personal priorities.

The Council takes these resignations very seriously, and would like to emphasise the commitment which students undertake when accepting a spot on the Student Council. After by-elections next semester, the President will initiate a Cabinet reshuffle to fill reassign portfolio responsibilities. In the meantime, the Council continues to function at top efficiency, and responsibilities have been reassigned as seen above. Outgoing members have assisted in the transition of these responsibilities. The Student Council encourages all interested and committed students to run in by-elections

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