Jan 19 WEEKLY UPDATE: Important Updates on Health, Athletics, Bookings, Student Associates, Student Orgs, Library and Wi-Fi.


The Directorship of External Communications exists to ensure students have access to relevant information; this week, there’s a lot. Please make sure to carefully read through the Project Updates section!


Meeting notes:
We had a long but productive meeting this week. We welcomed new government members Clin Lai and Matthew Ware, and our long-awaited retreat, which was wonderful for our government synergy.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.

Cabinet Reshuffle!
President: Saza Faradilla
Vice-President: Avery Simmons
Speaker: Scott Chua
Director of Student Orgs: Anandita Sabherwal
Deputy Director of Student Orgs: Scott Chua
Co-directors of Student Life: Saza Faradilla and Avery Simmons
Deputy Director of Student Life: Stinson (Shi TIngsheng)
Co-directors of Academics: Clin Lai and Matthew Ware
Deputy Director of Academics: Shardul Sapkota
Director of External Communications: Me
Deputy Director of External Communications: Izzah Harris
Director of Logistics: Sunwoo Nam
Director of Athletics: Brandon Lee
Director of Finance: Aditya Karkera
Director of Events: Nirali Desai


Project Updates:
Health Insurance: Our insurance policy is remaining the same. We’re pushing for information
sessions this semester so everyone can learn what that means.
Mental Health: The contract with SACAC, our current mental health vendor, runs out this year. We’re getting external people from NUS to operate in the same function as SACAC currently does.
Mental Health days: We are in discussion with the Dean of Students office to have mental health days available.
Sex: Dean of Students Office is working on eight consent workshops.
Retreat: Our retreat was held this weekend. This greatly improved our corporate synergy.
Room Bookings: The free-for-all room booking policy has come under question, due to the abuse of the system in the form of block bookings. A review is underway. If you have any suggestions or commentary, please contact Student Government through our email or feedback form.
Student Associates: Payment will be changing from a fiat (flat) to a tiered system, with payment allocated based on competitiveness and difficulty.
MPH: Although aircon is unfeasible due to building regulations, windows will be installed to help with ventilation.
ICGs: Are proceeding well and will be held from the 4th to 16th of February. Names will be finalized within a week.
Extended Gym Hours: Are happening, we promise. These will start by next week.
Staff appreciation month: February is slotted as staff appreciation month, so please remember to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who helps make Yale=NUS such a great school, be they your favourite professor, an efficient admin, or a librarian you couldn’t finish your capstone without.
Student Orgs Process: Updated forms will be available on the website soon, alongside a timeline for new orgs to follow. THe deadline will be sometime in early Feb. A directory will no live sometime in March,
Student Orgs room cleanup: A room usage policy is being worked out. There will be a week where groups can claim items; after, they become forfeit.
WiFi: A contractor has been appointed to fix spotty wifi spots. Please contact ERT at yncit@yale-nus.edu.sg if you know of any places they should take care of.
Library cards: There should be no difference in access regardless of whether your number starts with an E or an A.
Computer Lab access: Will hopefully go 24/7.
Library lighting: The current yellow bulbs are to be replaced with brighter white bulbs.
High speed computing: Will be looked at next semester.
Mascot: Will be emailed to all members of Yale-NUS on Feb 3.

Contact us!
Open hours are now every Wednesday, lunchtimes in each dining hall.
Meetings are location TBA, timing TBA. I will Facebook, should anyone spontaneously decide to attend. Please do.


All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication

Quote of the Week –
                 “Let’s capsize!”
– Avery Simmons

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