Feb 1 WEEKLY UPDATE: The Event Booking Policy, Town Halls and Insurance.


Feb 1 WEEKLY UPDATE: The Event Booking Policy, Town Halls and Insurance.

These past few days have been among the most hectic of my time in the Student Council, as we, and the college, have reacted to the recent release of the new Event Booking Policy. That will be covered further down in the email. Other large projects at the moment include the Honour Code and Election Reform, and we’re having a Town Hall on these subjects in LT1, 8pm Wed 8 Feb.


Meeting Minutes:

Student Services: Are a very helpful and responsive resource center for students, who are happy to provide crucial advice and directions, be they physical or virtual. Check out their website or email at studenthelp@yale-nus.edu.sg.
New Event Booking Policy: We found out about this new policy at the meeting, and discussion around it promptly consumed much of our time. We publicized it the next morning and are currently in discussions with DOS to clarify points on both sides. Please read more about this towards the end of this update.
Office Hours: All students are encouraged to approach your lovely government representatives during the Wednesday lunchtime open hours. We want to hear from you!

Again, find more detail in the minutes


Project Updates:

Healthcare and Insurance: Insurance listening session is on 1 March, 12-1pm, Cendana Anteroom.
Town Hall: A Town Hall on the proposed Honour Code, Election Reform, and any other questions students have about subjects of interest will be held on Wednesday 8 Feb, 8-9pm, LT1.
Committee for Election Reform: Will be trying to make it more difficult to enter government.
RFP Claims: We’re meeting with administration to try and move this system online.
Sexual Culture: We are looking for avenues to make improvements in the culture surrounding sexual health services, consent and assault at Yale-NUS.
Absence Policies: Yale-NUS currently lacks universal policy for absences due to cultural holidays, which we’re trying to change.

New Event Bookings:

By now, everyone has likely heard of this new school policy. A summary is provided below, or you can read the full thing.

The document is intended as a top-down approach to concerns about the allocation of limited resources. It’s intended primarily as a method to regulate external use of Yale-NUS spaces. We are currently in discussions with the Dean of Students to try and minimize the impact on student events and student orgs. We’re working hard to ensure student opinion is represented on this important issue and have submitted a series of questions to the DOS. Their answers will be released over the upcoming week. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can feedback to the DOS or reach us on our feedback form.


Any attempt to book more than two classrooms, or any larger area, now needs to be submitted two months in advance for unanimous approval as ‘desirable’ under strict conditions by a committee formed of managerial college staff. This applies retrospectively to bookings made before the formation of the committee if the event takes place after today.

External parties who want to use Yale-NUS facilities must pay usage fees of up to $300 per hour. HOWEVER, these fees are waived for events entirely managed, executed, and directed by Yale-NUS students. It is unclear whether events which are co-presented with external organisations, or receiving funding from outside the College, are included under this exemption.

This is a clear shift from our previous open policy, where events needed to be booked in advance but did not require approval. Rooms will still need to be separately booked.

Students must first gain approval from DOS before seeking approval from the larger committee. All committee members must agree with the final decision, or it will be deferred to the senior leadership team. Rejections may be given without explanation, as may revocations. This applies to any student event that:

  • Uses the TCT, PH, MPH, BlackBox, LT1, courtyard, dining hall or more than two classrooms,
  • Was not proposed within Yale-NUS,
  • Requires more coordination than booking a space and ordering food,
  • Takes more than one day,
  • Involves visitors staying in student suites.

Applications must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Any Student Org must have approval of the organisation advisor and the Dean of Students Campus Life staff.
  • Any external applicants must have a Yale-NUS department, staff or faculty member to act as host.
  • Any attempt to use a performance space (Performance Hall, Black Box, Dance Studio, Art Studio) of a Fabrication Studio must have approval from the Arts Space Council.
  • All events must pay for use of student suites, audio visual support and other event vendors (see annex A of the document for prices).


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst
Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –
“This is literally the best thing to ever happen to our social media presence.”
– Me

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