Feb 15 WEEKLY UPDATE: The Event Booking Policy, Town Halls and Insurance.


Feb 15 WEEKLY UPDATE: The Event Booking Policy, Town Halls and Insurance.

The Events Booking Policy has been successfully revised; details below. Student Orgs deadline is 28th Feb to update your budget; please contact Anandita or Scott if you have any questions. The Gym has been updated. For more information and updates, continue reading!


Meeting Minutes:
Sem 2 Statement of Intent: Our Statement of Intent has been updated and can be found here.
Swearing-in: Matthew and Clin are now sworn in as our Co-Directors of Academics.
Finance Committee: A proposal to amend the constitution failed.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Events Booking Policy Updates:
This has undergone significant revisions which have resolved the vast majority of student concerns. Thank you very much to President Lewis and DOS for their full support and collaboration, it was dearly appreciated. These updates mean that the new policy is not going to cause any difference in the process for internal student events. Changes to the policy include:

  • The “large spaces” category has been removed. You may book all spaces as before, by emailing the relevant staff to check for availability, provided your event does not fall under the other categories (such as significant ERT/infra resources or guests staying on campus).
  • Explicit acknowledgement that all student events are exempt from the restriction on events requiring Public Order Act & Public Meetings and Entertainments Acts permits.
  • Individuals can book all spaces just as student organisations can.
  • Explicit acknowledgement that informal gatherings of students are permitted in all spaces on campus at any time.
  • A student representative will be added to the Events Committee, and will attend all meetings, but not vote. The Student Government will appoint this representative.
  • The requirement for DOS in-principle approval in the previous policy document has been removed. This is now solely advisory. Student orgs submitting Event Committee forms need only in-principle approval from their advisor.


Recent Successes:
Gym hours: Extended to 2am effective Wed 15 Feb. This is a semester trial; students who use the gym between these hours are requested to fill in a logbook to statistically validate this trial, or it may not continue.
Weighing scale: They gym now includes an expensive new quality scale; students are encouraged to please treat it well, or it may break.
Storage spaces: There is no longer on-campus storage over holidays. Student Gov has worked out a bulk discount with Starship, so that students can get summer storage at half the price available individually. This includes boxes, collection and delivery.
YNCyclopaedia: The website is currently up and running, collecting academic resources and documenting social history. Access everything about Yale-NUS you want to know here. To log in, go to  link is yncylopedia.commons.yale-nus.edu.sg. To log in, go to commons.yale-nus.edu.sg first. Password to access all articles is: kingfishersbest


Student Orgs: Meetings with student orgs are going well, thank you to everyone for your engagement! Travel funding will be handled by DOS.
CIPE: The Student Council is continuing to try and engage with CIPE, which we hope will end with a survey soon.


Healthcare and Insurance session: 8th March; Cendana Anteroom; 11am-12. Our insurance can
Waffle machines: Will come out as soon as the power plugs can be set up.
Casual convos with admin: Student Council will be facilitating open snacktimes with senior admin – Party with Pericles, Brunch with Bridges, Tea with Tan Tai Yong.
Heath & Wellness Week: 6-11 March 2017. Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage and Manicure workshops by Singapore Spa Institute are now opened for registration. Limited seats on first come first serve basis with penalty for no show. Attendees are required to serve an hour of massage or manicure post workshop during the 11th March Saturday Carnival.



Wellness: Our contract with SACAC is expiring. Wellness is now setting up a new system of specialized referral system, to be rolled out later this semester. Students will continue to receive free counselling sessions from Wellness, CPS, and from the list of community services listed on our website. Students currently seeing SACAC have until the end of this semester to continue with their 8 sessions.

Utown events: Students can find a list of upcoming utown events here, which is intended to be especially useful to Saga people.

DOS staff reshuffle: Email athletics@yale-nus.edu.sg for anything to do with athletics; a recent staff reshuffle means that normal point-people may be unavailable.

PA Event Approval: A clarification has also been issued by the administration that Public Affairs may not limit or place restrictions on any student events. Any opinions given by Public Affairs are advice only.


The Student Council members were all elated to wake up on Wednesday morning to a bag of thank-you cookies at our doors. It was one of those moments which just make all the hard work worthwhile, so we want to say you’re welcome, and thank you! That seriously made my day.


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“What’s a nice holy book to be sworn in on? I have no preference.”

– Clin

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