March 1 WEEKLY UPDATE: Meet the Team, eat good food and get help with health.


March 1 WEEKLY UPDATE: Meet the Team, eat good food and get help with health.


Meeting Minutes:
Media training: As media interest in the past Town Hall has shown, Student Government members are more likely to be approached by reporters. As such, we’ve arranged for a media training session with PA.
Email unsubscribe: You can now unsubscribe from these emails through NUS groups – we’re ‘YNC StuCo WU’. People can subscribe the same way.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Recent Successes:
Green and Healthy Lunches: Thanks to the warm reception and yummy food, these are expanding to every Monday in Elm, Wednesday in Cendana and Friday in Saga. Enjoy your delicious, ethical bread.
Added variety: Non-Halal food will be served outside the serveries on Thursday lunches, starting from next week. The normal Halal menu will still be served inside the hall!
Summer storage options: Student Council is organizing bulk summer storage, which will be much cheaper and more convenient that students could get individually.


Healthcare Listening session: Insurance is important. Not all the time, but when it is, it’s really important. If you want to be prepared in the event of potential catastrophe, we encourage you to come along to the Cendana anteroom on 8 March, 12-1pm to learn what your healthcare options are here at YNC. This will cover sexual and preexisting conditions (but does your insurance?).
RCA application deadline: 8 March. For more information, see the minutes.
Academics and CIPE survey: Please be sure to fill this out when it’s released next week! Everyone’s had a moment when they’ve left class burbling with excitement over how great your prof is, or in an exhausted slump from too many readings. Academics, for many students, is the biggest part of their college experience. This is your chance to make it that little bit better.
Meet the Team: At the last Town Hall, a lot of students expressed interest in having more avenues of communication with administration. To meet that demand, we’re holding a series of open lunches with senior admin. Everyone who requested this is strongly encouraged to attend; ask any pressing questions, express concerns or appreciation, or just get to know the people who run your college. There will be food!














































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Medical absences: If you need to miss a class due to a physical illness, a VR note will suffice without an MC. To get a VR note, contact your RC VR in person or via email to explain the situation, and request they send an email to your profs excusing you.


All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –
“Remember – legitimacy, credibility, face. Nothing tooooooo strange.”
– Saza

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