Mar 15 WEEKLY UPDATE: We hope you liked the bag.
Meet the Team is continuing, with future Prez Tan Tai Yong in the Elm Anteroom this upcoming Monday. The Academics survey is important and out. Medical absences and procedure for addressing unprofessional conduct have been clarified.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Recent Successes:
Party with President and Berries with Bridges: We had a conversation. People turned up. It was fun. We discussed Prez Lewis’ future plans, which are honestly pretty exciting, and the holes in our healthcare, which are not.
ICGs:  Second place!! YAY! Congratulations to everyone!


Academics Survey: Please fill this out here. It’s very important. You will be rewarded; both in future change, and cup noodles.

Tea with Tai Yong: In his first open meeting since the announcement, you’re all invited to lunch with our future President Tan Tai Yong in Elm anteroom tomorrow Mon 20. It’s a pretty cool opportunity to meet with someone who is currently one of the most important people in the college, and about to get more so.
Honour Code: The Honour code process is ongoing, with feedback being collated from RCs to be passed on to the next government.


Tuition Grant Scheme: A meeting between students and admin was held to discuss the role of the TGS at Yale-NUS. You can read the minutes, but tldr: TGS is going to stay, but the college will help graduates with work visas, buy-outs and deferrals, and publicize the implications more accurately to prospective students.
Classroom bookings: The form will update in an effort to streamline bookings.


Procedure for professional misconduct between professors and students:
Read the minutes for the details, but tl;dr:
Clarification was requested about the procedure for reporting unprofessional conduct by faculty. Possible recourses for various incidents (including but not limited to targeted harassment, grading concerns and sexual misconduct) were discussed. Multiple avenues were suggested.

  1. Please come talk to us. Our Directors of Academics can help point you in the right direction, or represent you to preserve anonymity.  
  2. Talk to your VR or the Dean of Faculty.
  3. Approach your course leader for common curriculum grading concerns.


Meeting Notes:
Medical absences: In an ongoing clarification, here’s the latest update on what to do if you’re sick and have class. You need to go to UHC and get a MC. The end. If you’re going to miss a common curriculum course, be careful. If you miss more than three, for any reason, you drop a third of a grade. Regardless of whether they’re excused or not.
Finance Committee: Has been set up. Members are: Clin, Aditya, Shardul, Marcus Chua.


All the best,
Hebe Hilhorst
Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Election Reform Committee arrived at the conclusion that the committee was simply for elections reform.”
– Election Reform Committee

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