March 23 WEEKLY UPDATE: Do the Academics Survey, grab a cup noodle and drop Wellness feedback.


March 23 WEEKLY UPDATE: Do the Academics Survey, grab a cup noodle and drop Wellness feedback.


Meeting Minutes:
Succession planning: President and Vice-President to speak individually to members of the current government who wish to continue, and ensure a smooth transition
Teh with Tai Yong: Vibrant! President-elect Tai Yong would love to do this more often next semester.
All the Best: Capstone end is in sight! Good luck for this final few days.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


Recent Successes:
Added variety: Halal food will be increased in variety to 6 dishes as opposed to 4 dishes during lunch and dinner
STORR Room: Has underwent significant cleaning through the efforts of both Daniels (‘18 and ‘20) and Stinson (‘20). Discussions are ongoing to determine the best purpose of the room


Lemonade with Lynas: Come talk to the lady who manages the corporate side of the school – Finance, relationship with NUS, Admissions etc, on 5 April at Cendana Anteroom
Staff Appreciation Month: Write your thank-you notes and wishes to our hard-working staff and administrators in the dining halls from next week onwards!
Election Reforms Committee: Think we got in too easily? Be sure to ratify the new election reform document coming up in the next two weeks, which accounts for class and RC in a bid to make elections more competitive
Academics Survey: Do it!! Now!! So that you can play a role in the academics at YNC (and you can also get free cup noodles at Elm Buttery)


Wellness: Drop by Wellness at East Core Level 2 to pass them your feedback at the box there now!
Faculty Handbook: Professors do have several policies and considerations they need to abide by. Find out more in the minutes
Extended gym opening hours: Sign on the book if you use the gym at 12mn-2am so that we can lobby for these extended hours to be permanent


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“One of the key jobs of a President is to become a professional beggar.”

– Tan Tai Yong (during Teh with Tai Yong)


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