March 29 WEEKLY UPDATE: Lemonade with Lynas, End of Year with Tan Tai Yong – ask and ye shall receive.



Exams. Exams. Papers. Exams. I realize these are already on permanent loop through your mind, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, so those extended library hours are gonna come in helpful. Summer’s soon – you just need to get through to that point. In the meantime, we hope you can take a break from the upcoming mental breakdown to come by our meet-the-admin events.


Lemonade with Lynas: Meet our EVP of Institutional Affairs this upcoming Wed 5 Apr in the Cendana anteroom! Among other things, she’s in charge of infrastructure, admissions and finance – if you want to talk about any of this, or just get to know the people who run the college, come along!
Turn Up with Tan Tai Yong: Get LIT with our future president ath this end of year party, fam. 13th April 4pm – 6pm. Elm Courtyard. There will be food. It’s a party.


YIRPA: Investigation is complete. The club standing is TBD and actions taken against individual students will not be released.
Classroom Bookings: The form is being streamlined and pre-formatted. Priority will be given to study booking → event booking → personal booking.
Wellness: There’s a wellness feedback box outside the centre. Students are encouraged to give feedback!
Library Hours: Have been extended, starting now, for your exam-time benefit. Until May 5, it will stay open until 2am, each day every day.


Meeting Minutes:
Student Orgs budgeting: Almost finished!
Handover document: To be written starting now.
Academics survey: Has been closed, with a report being published within two weeks.
Election Reform: The Election Reforms Committee has finalised a reform proposal, which will be voted on first by the Committee, and then the Council, by next week. The document will be open to the public before the Council votes.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.

All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Be a sport. Don’t try.”

– Prof

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