April 5 WEEKLY UPDATE: Summer Storage, Election Reform, and TUTTY.



Recent Successes:
Summer storage: Student Council has negotiated very cheap bulk storage with Starship. At $8/box for three months, this is a third of what you can expect to pay for separate individual storage. If you plan to take advantage of this new option, please fill out this form.
Lemonade with Lynas: The lunchtime talk with our EVP for Academic Affairs went well. Thanks to her for coming; we deeply appreciate the candidness.


Turn Up with Tan Tai Yong: Get LIT with our future president at this end of year party. This Thursday, 13th April, 4pm – 6pm. Elm Courtyard. There will be dim sum. There will be ice cream. There will be drinks. Most importantly, there will be Tan Tai Yong, and there will be you. It’s a party.


Student Orgs Budgeting: A couple of orgs have spent significantly over their budget (see the minutes for more details). Student Orgs is now considering ways to prevent this in future, such as consistent training for treasurers, and procedures for dealing with this should it happen again (see below).


Overrun budget: There currently isn’t established procedure for a student org overspending, so we’re structuring one. In current form, this includes 1) Warning, 2) Monthlong period to recover budget, 3) Budget cuts to next budget.


Meeting Minutes:
17/18 Budget: The draft for the next government’s budget has been drafted. Planning to expand budget from $11,000 this year to $16,000 – for each portfolio to be able to handle more projects, to have more welfare events, to pay for summer storage, etc.
Election Reform: The election reform proposal has been released and is open to public comment. Please give us feedback!

Again, find more detail in the minutes.

All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Get that person on board early, before they realize how much work they have.”

– Matthew

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