April 12 WEEKLY UPDATE: Constitution Reform, Dining updates and Storage links.


April 12 WEEKLY UPDATE: Constitution Reform, Dining updates and Storage links.

I always hated Athletics Day in high school. I’m far from an athlete, so that day of forced exercise was sad. Actually, my strongest memory from that time is from the weeks beforehand. It’s one of those random, banal segments of time that somehow latch into your subconscious. My PE teacher is hopelessly trying to encourage us to actually hurry the 400m. He’s standing at the start of the last leg, where the width curves into the length, yelling at us to run faster. This moment, where our sides start to burn as the finish line comes into sight, is the point we all decelerate. We’re almost there. But no, he says, we should speed up. Once we cross the finish line we can collapse as much as we want – might as well squeeze all the energy out of ourselves before that point. I remember absolutely loathing him in that moment through the dull haze of the exhaustion that encapsulates my unfit body. There’s no need to pile on the pressure when I’m about ready to fall over. It’s almost done, anyway.

I’m sure you see the metaphor. Interpret it how you will. On to the updates.

Recent Successes:
Dining Hall: Waffles will now change flavour, and the non-Halal weekly options are making the migration to Cendana.
Storage: At a third the price of alternative options, StuGov is offering storage – just sign up here.


Academics survey report: To be released this weekend.
Infra/ERT FAQ: Is being written up in time for Orientation.


Meeting Minutes:
Election Reform: Residential College Councils raised concerns about the addition of RC reps to the Student Government, and are collating feedback about that. If you have an opinion either way, please talk to them or us. The rest of the amendments to the constitution were passed, less those pertaining to RC reps, which will be debated later.
Further Directorship reform: Amendment to 1) abolish Logistics, 2) create Diversity, 3) rebrand External Comms to Outreach and add Public Relations to the job description. In-depth discussion of this is in the minutes, and you can find the current resolution online.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.



All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“I love it when people take me seriously. For once. Too often people take things I mean seriously as humour. Rarely does a joke become serious.”

– Scott

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