Aug 15 WEEKLY UPDATE: Elections, Academics, and YIRPA.

Aug 15 WEEKLY UPDATE: Elections, Academics, and YIRPA.

Welcome, and welcome back.

Recent Successes:
Storage: With all belongings now collected, this concludes our inaugural cheap-option student storage.
Turn Up with TTY: This was a great chance for students to get to know our new President. He’s also holding weekly lunches – check your email if you’re interested.


Academic Town Hall: The results from our Academic Survey are being released to students this Wednesday 23rd August, 7-8pm, TCT. Discover what students think about the common curriculum, majors, and CIPE, areas we’ve identified for improvement and our recommendations to DOF & CIPE. This includes which changes are most desired by students, and which majors are the most & least satisfied.
Elections: The time has come for a new Student Government to be formed! Please nominate those you trust, while being aware of 1) The Elections Code 2) The list of Government positions and their responsibilities. The Electoral Forum will be Mon 28 Aug, 7:30pm, TCT.


Meeting Minutes:
YIRPA: The final investigation report was presented. YIRPA was found responsible for multiple policy violations, including misuse of college funds and property. The organisation has been suspended and will need to repay all misused moneys. Should it seek to be reinstated, it will be on probation for a year. Individuals involved also face sanctions. For more detail, please read the minutes.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.


All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


Quote of the Week –

“Heaven help them if I find the person who follows us, but doesn’t like our page…”

– Avery Simmons

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