4th Student Government Statement of Vision

Dear members of the Yale-NUS Community,

Here you will find the Statement of Vision from Yale-NUS College’s 4th Student Government, detailing some of the goals that the newest Student Government body seeks to achieve in the coming weeks and months ahead. You may email us at any time if there should be any queries or feedback.


On behalf of the Yale-NUS Student Government,

Rachel Juay

Director of External Communications

Aug 22 WEEKLY UPDATE: Elections, Leave of Absence, and Academics.

Aug 22 WEEKLY UPDATE: Elections, Leave of Absence, and Academics.

It’s that time again. That time when we breathe a sigh of relief, and a new team of eager hopefuls gears up for the year to come. Most of the time, your Student Government just toils quietly away in the background on a campaign of improvement, undemanding except for the odd annoying email.

Now, however, you are needed. After faithfully serving the school for the past year, we are calling on the students to engage momentarily with us to select, from your range of volunteers, those you will accept as your representatives for the next year.


Recent Successes:
Academic Report and Town Hall: The Academic Report has been distributed. We appreciate the positive engagement we’ve received from staff and faculty!


Elections and Town Hall: The new Student Government is being elected. Come see you candidates debate the issues of note at the Town Hall, Monday night, 7:30, TCT. Elections will continue from there.


Alumni usages: Alumni may not use the MPH, but have gym access for a 1-yr trial period.
Gym hours: Extended to 2am for a trial run this semester.
Dining: Is now under Infra instead of DOS. Dining Committee is still under DOS.


Meeting Minutes:
Constitution Update: Student Government members are permitted a “Leave of Absence” of up to one month, for any ‘acceptable reason’ as defined in Section 2.1.
Handover documents: Are being prepared to welcome and instruct the next government.

Again, find more detail in the minutes.



All the best,

Hebe Hilhorst

Yale-NUS Student Council | Director of External Communication


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