Committee Draw

Thank you to all who answered the Government’s call for student participation in committees! It was especially heartening to receive an enthusiastic response from the Class of 2019. Yesterday evening, witnessed by representatives from the student body (thank you Liam Rahman ’17, Regina Ng ’18, Victoria Kalinina ’17 !), public balloting with adjustments for representation was concluded. We are pleased to announce that the following students have been selected for the respective committees:

CONSTITUTION REVIEW (Gov reps: Dave, Jay, Tee)
Adila Sayyed ‘19
Anandita Sabherwal ’19
Avery Simmons ‘19
Isabel Perucho ‘18
Matthew Ware ‘18
Ng Qi Siang ‘19
Sara Rotenberg ’19
Subhas Nair ‘17
Swarnima Sircar ‘19
Tamara Burgos ’18
Will Goebel ’19

ACADEMICS (Gov reps: Jared, Jay, Maria, Tee)
Elaine Li ’19
Ling Xi Min ’17
Sanjana Tadepalli ’17
Sarah Novak ’18
Swarnima Sircar ‘19
Tamara Burgos ’18

IDENTITY (Gov reps: Dave, Jay, Zach)
Al Lim ’19
Che Wei Peh (Clara) ’19
Shaun Lim ’18

INTERNAL AFFAIRS (Gov reps: Dave, Feroz, Jay, Tee)
David Zhang ’19
Helena Auerswald ’19
Jamie Lee ’19
Kavya Gopal ’18
Lim Jun Rong ’19
Pragya Sethi ’19

COMMUNITY LIVING (Ami, Bing Lin, Dave, Jay, Yongzhi, Zach)
Avery Simmons ’19
David Chia ’17
Fatima Daif ’18
Isabel Perucho ’18
Matthew Ware ’18
Narayani Tulsian ’19
Taha Tehseen ’19
Vasudha Kataruka ’19
Wyin Kok ’19

STUDENT ORGANISATIONS (Feroz, Jared, Qistina, Yongzhi)
Anandita Sabhevwal ’19
Anshul Singhania ’18
Sara Rotenberg ’19

Please note that those have nominated themselves for the DDP committee will be voted on by DDP students, while the EVENTS committee will select students on an ad-hoc basis. 
For those who were not selected, fret not – there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute. For those who were selected, congratulations! Government representatives in your respective committees will be contacting you shortly. The Student Government looks forward to working closely with all of you in these various committees.

This Week’s Polls – August 24-30

Should Yale-NUS be able to compete in inter-varsity tournaments?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't Care
How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS's alcohol policy?
  • I am satisfied
  • It's too strict
  • It's too lenient

Yale-NUS’s current alcohol policy:

“The College expects that students observe healthy, safe, and socially responsible behaviour if students choose to consume alcohol. The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years of age. However, alcohol may not be sold or consumed on campus unless otherwise approved, such as in approved food outlets on campus or during approved events and programs. Those seeking to host an event with alcohol present must contact the Dean of Students office to apply for event approval and learn more about the required guidelines and procedures for such events. Additionally, any event with alcohol present within a Residential College must be approved by that Residential College’s Rector. In compliance with Singapore Law, Yale-NUS College prohibits the sale or consumption of alcohol to individuals below 18 years of age and takes the matter of underage drinking seriously.”

How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS's guest policy?
  • I am satisfied
  • It's too strict
  • It's too lenient

Yale-NUS’s current guest policy states that:

“Common sense and common courtesy apply when having guests visit the campus or student residences, whether the guests are Yale-NUS students or not. Students may have guests for brief visits, including one overnight guest per room, but for no longer than a few days. Students may not have guests stay on a regular basis, i.e., every weekend. Hosts are responsible for their guest(s) and should accompany them at all times. Hosts may be held responsible for violations of the guest policy as well as any guest who violates residential or college regulations. Whenever a student has a concern about the presence of a guest in the suite, they should approach the host whom the guest is visiting to express their concerns and to seek to resolve the issues. Such matters can further be addressed by Residential Life staff, including Dean’s Fellows, Vice Rectors, and Rectors.”

Call for Committee Members

The Student Government is looking for greater student involvement this semester. If you care about our college and making it a better place, we encourage you to volunteer forany of the committees listed below. The committee applicants will be sorted by RC and Class and then randomly selected. Each student will only be selected for one committee each, with the exception of the Constitution Review Committee. To apply, please fill out this form.

ACADEMICS: While the roles have yet to be determined, the Academics committee is looking to recruit 6 students who will be expected to meet once a week.

COMMUNITY LIVING: The Community Living committee is looking for 9 members concerned with students’ well being on campus to meet with the government once a week. Among other things, the Community Living Committee has worked on gender neutral housing, summer storage options and guest policies, as well as starting a conversation about community values at Yale-NUS. We look forward to continuing this work and hope that you will join us in doing so.

DOUBLE DEGREE PROGRAM (DDP): The DDP committee is created to ensure that DDP students have adequate representation in the student government. The four representatives to the student government will be elected by the DDP students from each class.

EVENTS: The Events committee is looking for students to help in managing government events on an ad-hoc basis. Roles and responsibilities will vary based on the event but would include setting up the venue on the event day and assisting the government in procuring refreshments, IT equipment, and other materials needed for the event.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: The Government Affairs committee is looking for 6 Public Representatives, who will:
1. Scrutinise Government activities, call out discrepancies and inconsistencies
2. Act as check and balance, devil’s advocate
3. Be familiar with Constitution and help in its enforcement
4. Submit regular public reports on the Government for the student body. An example report can be found here:…/0B-Qe_sZvzjx1RDdVdlFXeF9RN…/view…

IDENTITY: The committee on Yale-NUS College Identity is looking for three students who are extremely passionate in shaping the institutional identity of the entire college. This includes how the college is portrayed in general and more specifically the nuances of our relationships with both Yale and NUS, and how we as students represent the college in our outside endeavours. The commitment includes a few meetings each month with senior administrators and student government members to discuss what steps must be taken in the short run and long run to develop Yale-NUS identity.

STUDENT ORGANISATIONS: The committee will comprise of 2 Student Government members, 2 DOS staff, and 3 students, who will meet 2-4 times a month. Student Organisations committee members will :
1. Review existing applications for student organisations,
2. Update a listing of active student organisations,
3. Handle feedback from or regarding student organisations,
4. Make recommendations or raise substantial concerns to the Student Government.
More information can be found here:

CONSTITUTION REVIEW: The Student Government is starting its first ever full review of the Constitution, following its ratification last year. As such, we are calling for students to actively participate in the review process. This will involve re-looking and possibly removing, rewriting and adding articles of the Constitution. The government is looking for around 12 members for this committee who shall be expected to meet once a week.

First Meeting of the Semester

Today, the Student Government held its first meeting of the semester. We discussed measures to reach out to the Class of 2019, which will include an information session/welcome tea as well as meetups with DF groups. The Government also considered student suggestions for an electronic message board for campus-wide communication, and the implementation of the Sunset Clause period. New procedures now allow the Government to make decisions by online voting, while committees will be restructured to have greater student participation. The Government also heard updates on the status of its website, which will be “live” soon, including a “direct democracy” polling feature incorporated into its design. A timetable of key Government events to come will be made available to students soon. The minutes of the meeting can be found here.

Update on UTown gym

UPDATE ON UTOWN GYM – Dean Farley has responded to the Government’s request for information with regard to the reported barring of UTown Gym to Yale-NUS students.

The sign saying “STUDENTS OF YALE-NUS ARE NOT TO USE THIS GYM” has been removed. The NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has explained that the reason for the sign is due to a technical glitch as the reader is unable to recognize our ID cards – and not a statement on whether YNC students have access to the gym. Students are reminded to use their NUS ID cards to access the UTown gym.

With regards to our own gym, Dean Farley assures that it is “very close to being open”. Right now due to lock and flooding issues, it is still closed.

Constitution Sunset Clause

The Student Government is starting its first ever full review of the Constitution, following its ratification last year (see footnote for more details), and we want your input. As such, we are calling for students to actively participate in the review process. This will involve relooking and possibly removing, rewriting and adding articles of the Constitution. If this is of interest to you please fill out the following Sunset Clause Application.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school everyone, and an especially big welcome to the Class of 2019.

The inaugural Yale-NUS Student Government elected in February has been working hard through the summer in preparation for the new semester.

Last semester, we worked with students and the administration to bring through major developments such as gender-neutral housing, academic reform, student organisation recognition and processes, and held events such as general assemblies and constitutional plenaries. 

This semester we hope to do even more starting with the launch of our website, polling system and constitutional review period (sunset clause).

To stay updated on all of our work throughout the semester, please like our Facebook Page – and standby for the official launch of our website!

All the best for the upcoming term,

The Yale-NUS Student Government 2015