Library Over-crowding

Project Manager

Dave Chappell


After hearing many concerns from students regarding the overcrowding of library spaces, the Yale-NUS Student Government Community Living Committee decided to draft a report on the issue. This report has since been presented to the Head Librarian and the Director of ERT as well as discussing the issue with individual administrators. A number of the policies outlined in the report are now being implemented and the Student Government has also met with EVP Tan and Interim-Dean McAdoo to further discuss the issue possibilities, including weekend exclusivity.




An exclusivity policy and card access has been adopted for Yale-NUS students, within certain hours.

Executive Summary for library Report

These are the key points from the report. The Student Government recommends…

1. Making the 24-hour Study Area Yale-NUS exclusive by installing card access machines to the entrance and to the interior door, which seals when the library closes;

2. Putting up signs requesting that non-Yale-NUS students use other study spaces during time periods leading up to mid-terms and finals, until this system can be introduced;

3. Making the meeting rooms Yale-NUS exclusive;

4. And converting the fire door on level 2 of the library, facing Elm, into an entrance.

Relevant Reports and Minutes

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