Meeting and Town Hall Minutes

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Town Halls


Oct Town Hall

07 Oct 2020

  • Dining (Contract renewal)
  • Study Abroad Cancellation (AY20/21 Sem 2)
  • Winter Housing and Plans for Sem 2

Aug Town Hall

31 Aug 2020

This town hall was organised a few weeks into the semester when certain issues relating to Dining and E-Learning were being ironed out.

  • Dining (Food quality, quantity and variety)
  • COVID-19 Policies for Sem 1
  • Moving of Office Spaces (E.g. Relocation of ERT, Writers’ Centre and CTL)
  • Academics (Issues with hybrid learning)
  • Peer Tutoring (Limits on tutoring hours)

June Town Hall

04 Jun 2020

This town hall was organised during Summer to address questions for the coming semester (AY20/21 Sem 1).

  • Residential Living Waiver
  • Questions about AY20/21 Sem 1
    • Academics
    • Financial
    • Housing
    • Residential Life

Financial Aid Town Hall

26 May 2020

This is the second of two town halls that was organised to address questions and concerns regarding the change from a need-blind to a need-aware admissions policy for international students. After the first town hall facilitated by College staff, StuGov was requested to facilitate this second town hall.

May Town Hall

15 May 2020

This town hall was organised at the end of the semester to address questions for the coming semester (AY20/21 Sem 1). It was during the Circuit Breaker period which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Summer and Sem 1 Housing
  • Study Abroad Cancellation (AY20/21 Sem 1)
  • Academics
  • Plans for Sem 1

StuGov Combined Meetings


StuGov Retreat (Combined Meeting #1)

21 Sep 2020

  • Workplan
  • Stipend Discussion

Executive Meetings


Executive Meeting #2

10 Aug 2020

This meeting was organised at the start of AY20/21 Sem 1 to update members about StuGov efforts over the summer.

  • Updates from Summer
  • StuGov Core Values
  • Working Processes

Executive Meeting #1

11 May 2020

This was the first meeting for the newly-elected Executive.

  • Introductions
  • Plans by each member

Senate Meetings


Senate Meeting #3 (Week 9)

15 Oct 2020

  • Centralised Senate Form
  • Updates from Class Reps and Speaker
    • Deconflicting Week 7 LABs and elective modules in Sem 2

Senate Meeting #2 (Week 8)

08 Oct 2020

  • Appointment of Class of 2022 Rep
  • StuGov Budget Ratification
  • Class Reps’ Agendas
  • Speaker’s Agenda
  • Centralised Senate Form
  • Updates
    • Subsidies for SHN during Winter
    • Buttery Usage Dilemma
    • Secretary Role
    • S/U Policy

Senate Meeting #1 (Week 7)

01 Oct 2020

This was the first meeting for the newly-elected Senate.

  • Ratification of Constitutional Amendments
  • Appointment of Class of 2024 Reps
  • Discussion over StuGov Budget

StuGov Documents

7th StuGov (AY20/21)


Amended 06 Sep 2020

Declaration of Potential Conflicts of Interest

05 Oct 2020

As specified by the constitution, StuGov members are to disclose potential conflicts of interest upon taking office.