Published 11 Mar 2021
Updated 2 Apr 2021 (Added infographic with tentative details)

Summer Storage

Over the summer (May – July), students are required to vacate campus, which includes clearing out all belongings in their suites. However, oftentimes students need to temporarily store their belongings somewhere especially if they have bulky items in their suites which are difficult to transport home.

Summer Storage is an annual StuGov initiative that was created to solve this problem. Every summer, StuGov coordinates with a storage space provider (e.g. Spaceship Singapore) to offer storage spaces to students at a rate subsidised using StuGov’s budget. Students can store a variety items, such as fridges, luggage, musical instruments, and other items packed in boxes. In addition to storage spaces, StuGov also sells cardboard boxes at subsidised prices.

Just before the summer, students who purchase storage spaces will bring the items to a collection point on campus, and the items will subsequently be transported to a secure warehouse in Singapore by the storage provider. At the end of summer, the items will be transported back to campus, and students will be able to collect back their items in time for the next academic year.

More info on Summer Storage will be published on this page closer to the end of the semester.


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More FAQs to be added

Will the items be stored over the entire summer? Can I store just for a shorter duration?

Items stored in summer storage MUST be stored over the entire summer. It is not possible to store for a shorter duration. Students who require storage for a shorter duration should look for alternative options (e.g. storing your items at a friend’s house in Singapore, other storage providers in Singapore, etc.).

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