Weekly Update [Week 2]: Student Council nominations, Judiciary applications, Constitutional amendment

Yet another week has flown by. This week we bring you more updates pertaining to the upcoming Student Government elections.

Project Updates

From the Election Committee, an information session was held on 18 Aug (Thu) where the current Student Council provided more information to interested students about what being part of the Student Government entails.

Nominations for the next Student Council close on 21 August (Sunday), 11.59pm, and nominees have until 22 August (Monday), 11.59pm to confirm their candidacy.

Applications for the Judiciary also opened on 19 August, and will remain open until 5 September, 11.59pm. Interested students can apply to join the Judiciary here: The Judiciary is a branch of the Government that checks on the Council – it ensures the Council upholds the Constitution and settles complaints and disputes. Members will be randomly selected for the Judiciary from interested applicants, controlling for demographics. They will then elect a Chief Justice from within the group.

To stay updated on the elections timeline and to access other relevant information, do refer to the following page:

In other news, the Council also voted unanimously to amend a clause in the Constitution, Article VI, Section 3, Clause 5, to allow voting for elections to be done on personal computers on CANVAS, in addition to voting booths. This will make it easier for those on study abroad to vote, and also ease the logistical burden for the committee. The amended Constitution can be found here: Constitution (19 August 2016)

Summary of Weekly Meeting

In the weekly meeting on Friday (19 Aug), the Council discussed its meeting with members of the Governing Board on the Presidential Search where members had the chance to raise issues such as the lack of sufficient courses in certain majors and internet access capabilities, in addition to points discussed last week. The Council also passed a motion to amend a clause in the Constitution – more details above.

Also discussed was the CIPE feedback report, status of the school mascot, and graduation committee discussions.

Read a more detailed account of the meeting here: Weekly Meeting Minutes (19 August 2016)

Final Thoughts

The Council is heartened to see that some Student Council nominees have already accepted their candidacy, and we hope that more nominees will consider doing so. A student body as vibrant as ours certainly deserves an equally dedicated and driven Student Government to represent its voices, and we urge every nominee to take up this mantle in service of your fellow schoolmates.

The Council is structured to work well as a team, with members supporting each others’ projects with their individual experience and skills. Candidates should bear this in mind: Consider what kind of role you can play in the team, and also be assured that you will not be doing the work of representing the student body alone.


Joceline Yong
Director of External Communications

Weekly Update [Week 14]: Constitutional Amendments

Amidst writing final papers and preparing for final exams, the Council convened this week for our final meeting of the academic year to discuss and pass a number of constitutional amendments.

Summary of Weekly Meeting

In the weekly meeting on Friday (22 Apr), the Council voted to pass eleven substantive amendments to the Constitution.

Amendments of note include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Reduction of the number of members in the Judiciary from 9 to 7 (Article V, Section 3.1)
  • Switch from the Kemeny-Young voting system to the instant run-off voting system for elections (Article VI, Section 3.4)
  • Separation of Presidential and Vice Presidential races (Article VI, Section 3.8)
  • By-elections to be held at the beginning of Semester 2 instead of whenever a vacancy opens (Article VI, Section 5.2)

A full report of all the amendments passed as well as the rationale for their passing can be accessed here: Constitutional Amendments Report (22 April 2016)

A copy of the updated Constitution with the amendments marked in red can be accessed here: Constitution (22 April 2016)

Read a more detailed account of the meeting here: Weekly Meeting Minutes (22 April 2016)

Final Thoughts

Time has truly flown over the past few weeks and the semester has swiftly come to a close. On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank the student body, staff, faculty, and all others who are part of the Yale-NUS community in one way or another for supporting us and our work over our term. It has been our honour to serve the College, and we hope that the work which we have done has been useful. As we break for summer and prepare for the upcoming elections, it is our hope that more students will be drawn to take up the mantle of representing and advocating for the student body, and that the Yale-NUS Student Government will continue to be an important and effective institution.

Wishing all a restful summer and so long until August!


Joceline Yong
Director of External Communications