Open Housing

Project Manager

Dave Chappell


Gender Neutral Housing is where students allowed to choose their suite mates regardless of their gender and is an area that the Student Government has received a number of pieces of feedback on. Following our Community Living Survey and having spoken to students to whom the issue is of immediate importance, the Student Government has chosen to advocate for gender neutral housing for sophomores and above starting in 2015.



Final Decision

From the start of academic year 2015/2016 opt-in gender neutral suites and gendered floors will be offered for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Relevant Reports

Polling Data

Do you support gender neutral housing?

Student Government Votes

Should we Advocate for Gender Neutral Housing ASAP?

YES (58%)
NO (25%)
DON’T CARE (17%)
YES (100%)
NO (0%)

Total Number of Votes


Members Present

Feedback Received

“Given the strong student response, this should no doubt be implemented immediately for this coming semester.”

“On behalf of a number of students I wanted to say that there is no real reason why the DoS would not implement gender neutral housing for the upcoming room draw. Realistically, it requires nothing other than saying “OK, you can have gender neutral housing”. We hope DoS will be pressed on this openly, and that the student government will counter the DoS’ claims that this needs an entire semester to implement, rather than simply repeat what the DoS says back to students.”

“In reality, pretty much all universities that have gender neutral housing, have it as an OPTION while still keeping other housing that involves some level of gender separation, whether it is suites/hallways/etc.”

“Those that do not want it can form a single-sex suite. BUT I think such suites should have the right to do single-sex floors. That sounds like a good compromise.”

“Making suites gender neutral will really help with the room draw because most of the people I want to room with are guys.“

“I do not think all suites should be gender neutral. Maybe only on a case to case basis.”