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In its first semester of operation the Student Government received feedback from a number of students expressing frustration at the inability to drink alcohol freely on campus. Since the move to the new campus the stand from the administration has been relaxed somewhat but some students still regard it as too strict. The Student Government acknowledges the desire to consume alcohol freely on campus and the benefits of having a safe environment in which to do so. However, the government does not wish to create an environment of binge drinking on campus. As such, the government is still currently looking into the issue.



Current Policy

The College expects that students observe healthy, safe, and socially responsible behaviour if students choose to consume alcohol. The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years of age. However, alcohol may not be sold or consumed on campus unless otherwise approved, such as in approved food outlets on campus or during approved events and programs. Those seeking to host an event with alcohol present must contact the Dean of Students office to apply for event approval and learn more about the required guidelines and procedures for such events. Additionally, any event with alcohol present within a Residential College must be approved by that Residential College’s Rector. In compliance with Singapore Law, Yale-NUS College prohibits the sale or consumption of alcohol to individuals below 18 years of age and takes the matter of underage drinking seriously.

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Current Polling Data

How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS’s alcohol policy?

How satisfied are you with Yale-NUS's alcohol policy?

Past Polling Data

Should Yale-NUS be classified as a dry campus?

Student Government Motion

We will revise the Dry Campus policy to create a partially wet system.

WET (64%)
DRY (15%)
DON’T CARE (21%)
YES (100%)
NO (0%)

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