Student Organisations

Project Manager

Feroz and Yongzhi


The Student Organisations Committee, tasked with recognition of Student Organisations, met over the course of Semester 2 AY2014-15 to establish principles of recognition and kickstart the review process. Over several months, the committee met with leaders of existing Student Organisations to gather feedback and review constitutions. The Government also provided suggestions for improvement and constitutional clarity, as aligned with a Principles of Recognition. At present, 30 organisations have been recognised by the Student Government.



Relevant Reports

Recognised Student Organisations

  2. Debate Society
  3. European Society
  4. Fashion Society
  5. Film Appreciation Society
  6. Global China Connection
  7. Gourmet Club
  8. GOYAC
  9. Health Society
  10. Hispanic Students’ Association
  11. i’dECO
  12. Improv Comedy Conglomerate
  13. Japan Society
  14. Kids Accomplish!
  15. Lit Collective
  16. Photography Society
  17. RC^3
  18. Singer’s Guild
  19. Strategic Games Club
  20. sYNCd
  21. The Fifth Wall
  22. The G-Spot
  23. The Octant
  24. Toastmasters
  25. Visual Art Society
  26. Y.A.L.E. Association
  27. YAPAC
  28. YNC_Hacks
  29. Ashen Light
  30. Yale-NUS Filmmakers

Student Organisations Pending Recognition

  1. Investment Mastermind
  2. Jew Crew
  3. Literary Magazine
  4. Service Executive Committee
  5. YIRPA
  6. Magazine Press
  7. Philosophy Society
  8. YNC Bookstore