Budget Oversight

Project Manager

Feroz and Yongzhi


The Budget Concerns team on Student Government was assembled to address feedback specific to dispensation and distribution of budgets and expenditures throughout the school, from the micro level of student organisations to college-wide events. Queries previously raised and addressed included the bouncy castle for wellness week and subsidised Laneway tickets. Presently, the team is looking into creating a transparent suggestion process for use of the college budgets administered by Rectors.



Feedback Received

Why is the DOS spending money on this exchange – they have not released a statement of why it was useful, and it seems very disproportionate to the budget they have.
The exchange email was bad communication – it was a line in a very long email sent at the end of finals week. Both emails were very problematic. Chris’ email (dated Nov 12, 2014, subject: Student Orgs: Opportunities and Updates) did not mention Yale per say, and was just a form for interest for intercollege exchanges. This should have been publicized more. There was no invitation in Farley’s email and it seemed that the choosing is quite arbitrarly (dated 7 Dec, 2014, subject: End of the Semester and Happy Holidays). Therefore, there was not equal opportunity for groups to be represented – there had to be a wider representation of groups (sports, networking, political, wellness groups etc).

How is budget allocated (eg where does the money for Laneway come from​)?”