Yale-NUS Pride

Project Manager

Dave Chappell


Currently Yale-NUS is lacking a number of items common to Colleges across the world (such as a mascot, graduation ceremony and crest). The Yale-NUS Pride Project is designed to fix that. Students were able to submit ideas for items of Yale-NUS pride, which were then put to a vote by the student body. On Wednesday 25 November the government presented the results to Yale-NUS administration and, in line with the voting data, they chose the Eastern/Western Fusion Dragon to become Yale-NUS’s new mascot. The government will held a ratification process at the start of the spring semester 2016. The mascot received 51% of the vote and, as a result, was rejected.




Students voted in favour of the East/West Dragon. Senior members of the administration (President Lewis and EVPs) then voted in favour of the dragon as well. However, the mascot did not achieve a sufficient majority during the ratification to be approved.

Ratification Results


Number of Votes Cast

Final Mascot Ranking

  1. Dragon (East/West Fusion)
  2. Chow Chow
  3. Griffin
  4. Sichuan Golden Monkeys
  5. Rhodesian Ridgebacks
  6. Falcons
  7. Pangolin
  8. Mouse Deer
  9. Bull-Lion
  10. Dragon (Eastern)
  11. Manticore
  12. Platypus
  13. Humans


  • 19/9/15

    Submission period begins

  • 9/10/15

    Submissions period ends

  • 1/11/15

    Online voting begins

  • 22/11/15

    Opinion poll closes

  • 25/11/15

    Presentation to Administration

Mascot Presentation